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What is COVID-19 doing to our face?

👤 🕔 March 26, 2020 Comments Off on What is COVID-19 doing to our face?

At Change My Face,  we illustrate the effects of lifestyle on the face. In normal times, this may be showing how you could age as a smoker, drinker, with exercise, diet or stress, because we all know that lifestyle has a massive impact on the way the age.

But these are not normal times for any of us.

The new Coronavirus has turned each and everyone’s lifestyle on its head. Even though all of us our affected around the world, these effects are very different depending on each person’s situation, whether you have the virus, are working in healthcare, at home stressed about jobs and money, or just staying at home and keeping fit and healthy.

We are amazed at the way the world is pulling together to fight for lives and freedom to live normally again. Those working on the front line at the NHS and hospitals around the world, those who have already lost family and friends, and those who are now working and home schooling children.

We have seen lots of faces of Coronavirus. The healthcare workers whose masks have wounded their faces, those who are tired, stressed, sad.

Thanks to all those who are on the front line and stay well everyone!