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The New War Against Obesity

👤 🕔 July 31, 2020 Comments Off on The New War Against Obesity

In light of recent COVID19 events, we now know that obesity can increase our chances of becoming seriously ill from Coronavirus. BJ has waged war against obesity which has been threatening to bankrupt the NHS for some time now. It’s not just COVID19, but also the risk from obesity for longer term preventable diseases, such as cancer, heart disease, strokes and diabetes. Behavioural change can help the fight – an image speaks a thousand words and is a great way to spread an old message. Change My Face worked with Change4Life nearly 10 years ago, ageing 10 children according to obesity statistics and 10 years on we’re working with health insurance companies in the US and developing AI machine learning technology in pre-diabetes campaigns. We only have to glance at our phones or listen to the news to hear stories telling us what is bad for our health and that if we keep certain habits, we’re likely to experience life-threatening diseases.


Being told the facts on how we can reduce our biological age and get into shape in a positive way will result in more people listening and actually taking action for themselves to improve their fitness. Once individuals start to feel and look better in a relatively short space of time they’ll be encouraged to continue with their new regimes. These positive preventative messages give hope. They save lives and save money.


Change My Face’s unique application program interface (API) can be used to share positive messages to a targeted audience while directing them to sources of information and services. Via an app the user can see their future selves based on their current lifestyle habits; this powerful visualization tool is often the incentive most people need to trigger life changing decisions.


It’s time for individuals to embrace the truth, look into their future, turn back their biological clock and fulfil their health potential!


Let’s look at what’s happening now


There’s lots of data available to prove that waistlines and bad habits continue to grow. The statistics show that unhealthy lifestyle patterns increase year on year with no indication of slowing down. Here are just some figures to demonstrate how alarming the figures are.


  • In the UK, the NHS report that over 60% of adults are classed as overweight or obese. A higher percentage of women than men fall into the obese category, however being overweight is more common among men. And around 30% of children aged between 2 and 15 years of age are either overweight or obese.


  • Studies from the State of Childhood Obesity reveal that in the US the adult obesity rate exceeds 35% in 9 states, 30% in 31 states and 25% in 48 states. Approximately 4.8m US children aged between 10 and 17 are obese. The cost of US childhood obesity alone costs around $14 billion every year in direct health expenses.


  • In addition to these figures, the World Health Organization reported on a study performed by the International Agency For Research On Cancer (IARC) in 2018 giving evidence that there is a link between obesity and smoking. Dr Christopher Wild, the IARC Director says: “Prevention of smoking is key to reducing the global burden of cancer and other chronic diseases, such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Obesity is also among the most important preventable causes of the same diseases. These new results provide intriguing insights into the potential benefits of jointly addressing these risk factors with public health measures that combine weight control and tobacco control strategies.”


It’s time to turn back our biological age


Research has also proven that obese parents are more likely to bring up obese children. This is a dangerous cycle and it must stop. There are both tangible and intangible costs associated with overweight societies: poor health, a drain on health services, lower productivity and a risk to economies.


But the high cost of obesity on society goes much deeper – there is the emotional cost. The reality is that the overweight members of society face discrimination, are more likely to take home a lower salary, experience a lower quality of life and susceptible to anxiety, stress and depression.


Biological age vs actual age


Your actual age is how many years you have spent on this earth. Your biological age is how your body has aged. If your body not been treated with the respect it deserves your biological age is likely to be significantly higher than it should be.


A recent medical trial in the UK for a Channel 4 program witnessed these results:

  • A male reduced his biological age by 20 years by embarking on a new fitness regime which involved walking 10,000 steps a day and drinking less alcohol.
  • A male (actual age 31) reduced his biological age by 7 years by incorporating sit-ups and running into his fitness routine.
  • A female with a biological age of 67, reduced this to 51 by increasing her walking pace.


A report published by the British Journal of Sports Medicine proved that adopting a higher than usual walking speed resulted in a significant reduction in biological age. 50,225 British walkers were involved in the trial.

  • Those with an actual age of over 60 who walk briskly have a 53% lower risk of death from cardiovascular illnesses compared to slower walkers.
  • This same range of individuals have a 24% reduction in the risk of death from any cause.


Not one of the people involved in these trials ran marathons or took part in any activity deemed to be Olympic level. They simply increased their activity by a relatively small amount and were careful with their diet.


How we look has never been so important


Over 95 million photos and videos are posted on Instagram every day. People share selfies constantly.


Just on this one social media platform there are over one billion active monthly users. This shows that sharing our faces is an important part of modern life – as is being influenced by what we see on our phones.


The Change My Face technology allows individuals to load a photo of themselves and select answers from a pre-set range of questions concerning their lifestyle. In seconds they see their face 10 years on if they continue to life the way they do now. The user can redo the test and alter their answers to see the significant change in their looks if they were to take simple steps to improve their health.


Our API can be licenced by businesses globally and used in campaigns to encourage positive behaviour changes. To date Change My Face apps have been number 1 in 16 countries achieving over 1 million downloads with many organisations, including health insurance companies, already making a big differences to people’s lives.


  • Toyota utilized the software to create the first app of its kind called ‘Fumeface’. Their marketing department encouraged the use of cleaner vehicles by showing that living in a polluted environment can speed up the aging process.
  • The British Heart Foundation created the ‘Smoking Time Machine’; a powerful tool to promote their ‘No Smoking Day’ campaign. Free downloads were available for the STM iOS app.
  • Connexion Asia used the software to ask employees what their current lifestyle was. When faced with the future many took the decision to make changes to their lifestyle.


Anti-aging at a cellular level


Healthy bodies and minds start with healthy cells. They really are the foundations for great health.


Telomeres are the cap-ends found on every strand of DNA protecting our chromosomes, as we age they naturally shorten. Their length affects aging and can bring on age-associated diseases and cancers. If everyone knew the truth about their future health and learned what steps to take now to alter the rate at which their telomeres shorten, they’d be more people living healthily, happily, and for longer.


In addition to the length of our telomeres our biological age can be determined by other markers from our blood pressure to our lung capacity.


Good news is that every individual on the planet has the power to slow down, or even reverse their ticking biological clocks.


Preventive measures to influence our health and longevity


In collaboration with organizations across the globe Change My Face’s mission is to empower people, to teach them about their own health and to tell them in simple terms how to reverse their biological clock. It’s not expensive, it won’t take up too much time and it’s achievable.


  • Walk at a faster pace than usual
  • Increase usual daily step count
  • Start some resistance exercises
  • Whilst watching TV or sat at a desk make sure to stand up every half an hour
  • Eat more fruit and veg
  • Cut down on alcohol consumption
  • Don’t eat as many processed foods
  • Nurture a good sleeping pattern
  • Stop smoking


Simple exercises and activities as well as a good diet can slow down the speed of the shortening of telomere length reducing the risk of serious illnesses and the size of our waists.


How to get your positive messages out there


If your organization would benefit from utilizing the Change My Face lifestyle software we’re here to help. Together we can be the change.