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Lockdown Face

👤 🕔 April 27, 2020 Comments Off on Lockdown Face

Our lives have been turned upside down as the world fights to find ways to protect us from Covid-19. To stay safe, and not to overwhelm our amazing health services, we are urged to remain at home. 


During lockdown we must continue to care for our physical health, mental wellbeing and our immune systems. It’s key that we do everything we can to keep them in good shape. But, are we?


If we were to see the future effects of our new habits on our faces, would that make a difference to the way we behave during lockdown? Probably.


For many people, workloads have increased, and they are faced with having to work from home while simultaneously trying their best to home-school. For employees who have been furloughed, they may be worrying about money and their jobs and find that they are struggling to think of ways to fill their days – maybe they’ve been able to start a new fitness regime or learn a new skill.  


For those on the front-line, their shifts have been stretched, their homelife limited and their energy levels have been tested to the limit.


All these adversities coupled with the daily news detailing Covid-19 deaths is causing high levels of pressure and stress, more so for those with underlying health conditions. These added pressures can be obstacles blocking us from looking after ourselves as well as we would normally. 


This unprecedented quarantine has seen lots of people more readily reaching for the high sugar, high salt snacks and drinking more alcohol. The signs are there – you just have to look at social media posts to see that gin o’clock is getting earlier every day!


On the other hand, being able to spend time with family and enjoying a special walk with a son, daughter, husband or wife can mean so much and bring moments of joy. The surge of online exercise classes, cookery tips and DIY hacks have been a welcome distraction from the news and have motivated a few to make the most of their time and helped to promote a healthy mindset. 


Do you have a lockdown face?

Your face will show the effects of stress, poor diet and a lack of exercise – there’s no hiding from our change of lifestyle. Here’s what to expect if you don’t make small changes:

Pre Lockdown

Post Lockdown (combined snacking, stress, lack of exercise and earlier gin O’Clock

STRESS: Stressing over money, your job, the effectiveness of your home schooling, the health of your older relatives, the future, and the all-encompassing fear surrounding coronavirus is bound to take its toll.  

Lockdown stress face: Stress causes us to frown repeatedly resulting in deeper frown lines, lack lustre skin, inflammation and breakouts. High levels of cortisol (the stress hormone) are released when we feel stressed, which interrupts the production of collagen and elastin, speeding up the ageing process. 

Small changes: Look online (trusted sources only) or reach out for help or information. Try to form a healthy sleep routine. Don’t expect too much of yourself or your family. Focus on the things you CAN control. Eat well to keep yourself nourished. And, remember, there will be an end to all of this.


DIET: Spending all day at home, every day, means that we’re tempted to make frequent trips to the kitchen. When we’re feeling bored it’s easy to comfort eat and gorge on crisps, biscuits, fried food, chocolate and whatever else we find in our fridges.  

Lockdown diet face:  Signs that we are ‘treating’ ourselves to unhealthy snacks too often are weight gain, breakouts, dry flaky skin, a lack of energy and deeper wrinkles.

Small changes: Commit to buy healthier snacks and fruit so there’s plenty of healthy options to choose from. Stick to eating three good meals a day and drink lots of water. 


EXERCISE: With children at home, and easy access to the box sets you’ve been meaning to get around to watching, we have to be extremely disciplined not to have the television on more than usual. Occupying ourselves, and other household members, with this form of entertainment can be an easy choice. If you’re not making the most out of your permitted one-a-day outdoor exercise time and the online classes, it’s amazing how quickly our body shape changes. 

Lockdown exercise face: With minimum movement we will experience quick weight gain, develop a grey pallor to the skin and be at a greater risk of chronic disease.

Small changes: Walk a little bit further each day and up your pace. Get on your bike for a great cardiac workout. Try one of the many free online fitness classes. Feel your heart pumping and your breath quicken – a great sign that you’re boosting your physical fitness.  


How Change My Face can help


Our innovative ageing software enables people to visualise how they could look like in the future based on their lifestyle. Visualising our future selves is a strong trigger for many of us to actively make positive changes. Contact us about using our aging API for your health campaigns to promote your services and deliver powerful messages that really resonate. 

Together we can improve lives.