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Ageing in Style

👤 🕔 September 19, 2016 Comments Off on Ageing in Style

Most of our work is about age progression & lifestyle, all of which is driven by our genes, DNA, upbringing and attitude to life. Although the same things happen physically to all of us as we age such as gravity, repeated use of facial muscles etc we still age in our own unique way and at different speeds. Although it’s now known from research that our life expectancy can be affected by outside influences such as poverty, stress, divorce, happiness, wealth, illness etc  I believe attitude plays the biggest part in embracing the ageing process. While the media likes to dictate how we should look when we’re young and how we should age (or rather not age), our big life decisions will have an impact on the way we age and look. Let’s give ourselves a break and let our decisions be part of who we are and how we look as we grow old beautifully and in our own way.

Let’s celebrate our differences – after all we’re all unique.

Influential: Iris Apfel (pictured), who is 90, has inspired a range of glasses. Created by Eyebobs, a U.S. eye wear brand, the frames are similar to her own

Growing old in style: Iris Apfel