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Ageing and Lifestyle Software: Visualising your future face for health and wealth.

🏆 Campaigns & Projects

CMF are proud to have been involved in some really prestigious and award winning campaigns as well as creating content for numerous TV Programmes, Newspapers and Magazines. Our ageing software is used by large financial companies coupled with pensions calculators to visualise your older self with regards to saving more into your pension. We also work in health and wellness enabling behavioural change on projects with CXA, Scottish Government ,Glasgow Science Centre, the NHS and UK police forces to name a few. Our software tends to hit the headlines and we have been featured on NBC News, CNN, BBC, ITV, Daily Mail, The Sun and the Telegraph.

Fume Face – Toyota & Lexus Fleet Services

We created an app for Toyota showing how much better you will look if you leave in a cleaner ‘hybrid’ world as opposed to a diesel filled society – try and see the difference in 10 years’ time. You can try it here:

Smoking Time Machine – British Heart Foundation

BHF are using Smoking Time Machine to raise awareness for No Smoking Day – you can download ithere FREE!

Smoking Time Machine reached no.7 in Health and Fitness.

Ultimate Health Ageing Software – CXA, Asia

We’re really proud to have worked with ConnexionAsia to produce an intricate piece of ageing software for the web that shows how you could look from 35 – 75 years old, with the effects of smoking, drinking, stress, diet and exercise to name but a few. The software takes into consideration your age, ethnicity and lifestyle to show your ‘healthy’ and ‘current’ ageing pictures.

Drinking Mirror & Drinking Time Machine – Scottish Government

DTM reached no. 1 in the Food and Drink section of the app store in July 2012.. Drinking Mirror reached no 15 overall in the app store and no.1 in Lifestyle.Drinking Mirror has been downloaded ove 600,000 times.

Ageing Mirror – Age International

Ageing software was embedded onto the Age International website to highlight that ages happens to us all.

Drinking Time Machine – Staffordshire Police

Drinking Time Machine was embedded on Facebook page in 2012

Sam Ferguson, Head of Communications: The Drinking Time Machine targets the younger age group to try to make them think differently about alcohol and the long-term effects of drinking excessively.

Drinking Time Machine – Blackpool NHS

Drinking Time Machine was embedded on the altn8 website for 2 years and free app downloads as part of alcohol campaign encouraging younger drinkers to alternate between alcoholic and soft drinks.

Drinking Time Machine – AlcoHELP

DTM embedded on website as part of charitys aim to raise awareness amongst school children of Essex and South East

Debby Peirson, co-founder of alcoHELP and a recovered alcoholic, added: “By including the Drinking Time Machine technology on our website I strongly believe that we will strike a chord with young people by allowing them to see how their face would look in 10 years’ time if they were to regularly consume alcohol.”

Drinking Time Machine – Birmingham NHS

DTM embedded on website as part of alcohol strategy

Drinking Time Machine -Alcohol Concern

DTM embedded on Dry January website and free downloads for Alcohol Awareness Week the DTM was the second most visited application on the website.

Smoking Time Machine – Cumbria NHS Partnership Smoking Campaign March 2013

Cumbria leased Smoking Time Machine in the build up to the March 13th No Smoking Day. The free downloads of STM reached over 60,000 for the months campaign. The amount of visitors to their smoking website increased dramatically with the STM app:

January 192

February 217

March 32320

10 Year Time Machine (drinking and smoking) Glasgow Science Centre

DTM and STM interactive exhibit called The 10 Year Time Machine for Bodyworks exhibition launched January 2012

Dr. Sarah Gibb, Everything was delivered promptly and without hesitation or hassle. And the software is proving extremely popular with our visitors, with the exhibit in frequent use.

Drinking Time Machine – Meet the Corkers Campaign Leeds NHS

DTM embedded on Meet the Corkers website for alcohol campaign November 2012

Drinking time machine how will you look in 10 years time?


In an effort to demonstrate that alcohol can cause damage you can see, the website also hosted a drinking time machine. This was to give people a chance to see how their drinking could have an effect on their looks as they grow older.Visitors to the site uploaded a photo of themselves to see how they could look in 10 years time based on the amount they drink. They could then share their photos with their friends and families on face book a good opportunity to reach a wider audience and generate discussion around effects of alcohol.

The Drinking Time Machine (DTM) was also available as a free app from 19 Nov 9 Dec – available from the App Store or Android Market.


Our insight and the web statistics show that one of the most appealing parts of the campaign was this interactive element. This is because it encouraged people to talk about their drinking with friends albeit on a more light hearted level.






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