Change My Face
Change My Face provides innovative ageing software allowing people to visualise themselves in the future and showing effects of lifestyle such as drinking, smoking, tanning, diet, stress and pollution. We make software for education, science, health, pensions and HR. Our apps have been no.1 in 16 countries, achieving over 1 million downloads and reaching out to a global audience.

Innovative lifestyle software for adults and children


We offer everything from basic web API access to fully bespoke mobile apps so please let us know what you’re looking for. Prices alsodepend onhow long you want to use it for.

Basically, web API access starts from 600 for a year’s license and we’re working on a cool system that will allow you to pick and choose which lifestyles you would like to lease and for how long.

Other bespoke optionsinclude:

Adding your logo & designs, additional information screens, hyperlinks, social networking links, changing or creating neweffects, adding in questions, adding in screens.

Just let us know how you would like to use the software and we can work out a price and a solution that is tailored to what you need. Send us an email or call us on 01242 221 774.