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Calling All Dentists

👤 🕔 March 12, 2021 Comments Off on Calling All Dentists

Calling All Dentists…We’d like to know about Your smile, Your health and Your Future Self!


AI maging can predict better or worse future outcomes depending on your teeth, as well as visualisng cosmetic dentristy & changes.


At Change My Face, we are fascinated by the way our health can be reflected in the way we look. Sometimes the signs are there, it’s just knowing what to look out for.


We are excited to be using new AI technology in a new web app which will be accessible to dentists and the wider community to showcase cosmetic dentistry, effects of poor dental health on the ageing process and changes to one’s teeth.


Smoking and a high sugar diet can affect the way our teeth look now, but we can make changes to ensure this doesn’t worsen in the future. Most of us can err on the side of apathy when it comes to brushing our teeth, flossing and eating less sugary foods. My dentist once told me, just floss the teeth you want to keep! We now know that our dental health can have a huge impact on our general health and ageing process. Gum disease and the subsequent inflammation has been linked to higher rates of heart disease, rheumatoid arthritis and now potentially there are links to dementia and alzheimers.


As we age, tooth loss and gum disease can cause the bone structure around our jaw line to recede, something we never think will happen to us!


The new Change My Face app will allow you to upload a photo and give you different versions of your current and future self so that you can make better decisions with your dentist about your dental health.


We would love to hear from you…the dentists! What would you like to show your customers and what results would you expect from the software? Is there software that you are already using that works well or would you like it to do more?


Here are some examples of how the imaging can work and what can be shown, with these images you can see how teeth can become stainedwith a poor lifestyle, then worsening with the ageing process, as the underlying bone structure starts to collapse in on itself.