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Brits waste nearly two years of their life hungover

👤 🕔 May 25, 2016 Comments Off on Brits waste nearly two years of their life hungover

What can drinking be doing to our faces, if we spend two years of our lives hungover? Dehydration, increased calories and dilated blood vessels can all effect our looks.

Late night alcohol delivery service Booze Up surveyed 1,000 Britons and discovered on average, drinkers will experience headaches, nausea and fatigue for approximately five hours a week normally on a Sunday as a result of drinking too much alcohol.

Its well known that hangovers affect just about everybody, but its shocking to think that as a nation we spend nearly two years of our lives feeling lousy, commented Ashleigh Fletcher, co-founder of Booze Up.

In addition, the results showed 18 to 24-year-olds were more likely to suffer from hangovers compared to other age brackets.

On average, this age group will suffer from hangovers twice a week and will take six hours to recover.

For those over the age of 65, the time it takes to recover from hangovers is longer on average at seven hours.

All-in-all, Booze Up estimates the average Briton will spend 682 days recovering from a hangover. The results were determined by multiplying the average amount of time people spent hungover each month with the average life expectancy.

Darren Sawyer, co-founder of Booze Up, said: By simply reducing the amount we drink, we can reduce the amount of time spent nursing a hangover.

25th May, 2016 by Melita Kiely