Change My Face
Ageing and Lifestyle Software: Visualising your future face for health and wealth.

Innovative lifestyle software for adults and children


Change My Face specialises in age progression, ageing software & apps for marketing, health campaigns and the media. All of our software and apps are based on the effects of lifestyle that happen on real peoples faces and years of forensic art research and training.

Ageing Faces – everyone ages differently and the way we age will be a combination of genes and lifestyle. Therefore no automated software can predict exactly the way YOUR face will age. However, for the most part the normal ageing process happens to all of us and eventually skin starts to lose elasticity and becomes more lack lustre and saggy. Wrinkles develop due to repeated use of the underlying muscles, brown pigment spots appear to make the skin look more uneven. On some people this process can be slower or faster than others, especially if lifestyle is taken into consideration. Although there is little research on what exactly happens to the face when people smoke, drink, sunbathe etc, we do have a good idea of what happens and can illustrate this to users of our software and apps.

Our software can illustrate the effects of drinking, smoking, sunbathing, junk food, stress and pollution on the face. We can customise and build software from scratch or provide simple generic solutions that are more cost effective. CMF has been involved in many high profile PR campaigns for the NHS, Cancer Research, Change4Life and the Scottish Government. Our apps have accumulated over 1 million downloads and provide a really fun and effective addition to any campaign or event.

Change My Face works with a technical team who specialise in software and apps and form the technical side of the business. We offer an API service and an SDK will shortly be available.

Contact us for any projects or questions to do with ageing -we love a new challenge…