Face changing technology for health, finance & beauty

Face changing technology for health, finance & beauty

How It Works

How It Works


  • Future face age software
  • AI powered technology
  • Multiple lifestyle options
  • Flexible software solutions
  • Short or long term use


  • Nudge behaviour
  • Disease intervention
  • Change mindsets
  • Improve productivity
  • Better health & wealth


  • Health Insurance & Corporate Wellness
  • Personal Finance & Pensions
  • Aesthetic & Skincare
  • Education & Research
  • Dental
  1. Add a photo
  2. Choose lifestyle options
  3. See yourself in the future
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Change is hard.

We all know that changing long term habits is the answer and most people struggle with long term goals.

Small is good.

Even making small changes to diet & excercise can have a wide reaching impact. Small changes lead to big changes.

Change mindsets.

Improving lifestyle habits will reduce sickness claims saving money and lives.

Our products and services can help inspire and engage customers encouraging healthier futures.


  • Health Insurance
  • Corporate Wellness
  • Finance & Pensions
  • Lifestyle & Habits
  • Gaming
  • Education & Research
  • Dental
  • Skin & Beauty

Age & Lifestyle Effects

  • Age
  • Health
  • Diet
  • Skin
  • Exercise
  • Sleep
  • Wealth
  • Smile
  • Beauty

Do It Yourself

Use Our API

Get immediate access to an api key to unlock all age and lifestyle effects to use in your own application.


  • API Key Set Up
  • For Developers, Digital Agencies, SME's, health and finance
  • Monthly subscription
  • Short or long term use

Let's Do It For You

Change My Face App

Use our ready built app with age and lifestyle calculator but with the Change My Face brand.


  • Change My Face App
  • For schools, universities, SME's, health and finance
  • Monthly Subscription
  • Short or Long Term Use

Let's Do It Together

White Label App

Use our ready built app with age and lifestyle calculator but using your own logo and brand colours.


  • Customised App
  • For SME's in Health & Wellness, Finance, Skincare
  • Your own logo and brand
  • Age & Lifestyle Calculator
  • Service Level Agreement
  • Monthly subscription

Let's Build It Your Way

Bespoke App and Enterprise API

Full customisation of our web app or an app of your design. API or web app for Enterprise Customers.


  • API Key Set Up
  • Fully Bespoke App
  • Corporate Companies, Science Museums, Larger SME's, Public Health & Finance
  • Basic Procurement & Compliance
  • Dedicated Global Server
  • Optional Additional API Security
  • Enhanced SLA

Case Studies

Case Studies

Ask some of our customers.

“The aging software created by Change My Face had an immediate impact. During August 2018 the number of Mexicans making a one-time contribution towards their retirement increased by 13% and raised the average amount contributed in that month by 1,327 MXN. This equates to an increase in the total amount saved among account holders in the treatment group by 54%.”

“The Change My Face app helped generate 52 pieces of coverage in only 6 weeks, with over 13 million OTS.”

“It is concluded that appearance-based interventions do have a role to play with regards to alcohol consumption interventions.”

“The Change My Face aging effects work wonderfully. I especially like the ability to get in at the end and re-adjust my selections—it’s not only fun, but I think it really helps get the specific content points across. Kudos.”

“The 10 Year Time Machine exhibit is still one of the most popular in the museum.”

“The Change My Face software is a value add to our service.”


Auriole Prince

Our Vision

To use technology to entertain and engage people while helping to change lifestyles for the better

Change My Face’s founder, Auriole Prince has an extensive background in forensic facial imaging having worked with the Missing People Charity in London and trained with the Medical Artists’ Association, The FBI Academy in Quantico, Virginia and the British Police.

Change My Face’s brilliant team of technical developers and AI experts enjoy building and designing apps to support life improving campaigns the world over. Change My Face has recently been funded by European Union Regional Funding and The University of West of England.

How We Age

It’s true that our genes play an enormous part as we get older, but what we’re learning more and more is how much our chosen lifestyle plays a significant role.

The things we consume, the amount we exercise, our relationship with money, our smoking and drug habits, our choice of skincare products, all impact the speed at which we age. A poor lifestyle will accelerate the ageing process and shorten our telomeres considerably and this will show in our faces.

Visualising how we could look as we get older impacts behaviours. Using our face age technology can influence your customers to make a small change which can have a huge difference on productivity and health.





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